Merit Spider Winners 2004


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Under the Hat Designs (Closed)

An affordable graphics studio that will work closely with you to get you exactly the product you want.
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USA Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.12.17
Horses are Special Too!

In an efford to help people understand horses and the many things a horse can be use for, I've put together a site about my first love in animals. They are my favorite animals of all times and always will be. The emotions I feel for the horse talked about on this site still exists today.
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USA Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.12.11
Alpha Buttons Inc. (Closed)

Alpha Buttons, Inc. is a non–profit organization that has art drawings of dogs, cats and horses on mugs, magnets and more as fund raisers to benefit and support animal rescue. FREE Dog Training Tips.
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Delightful Designing (Closed)

A web site design site dedicated to keeping the internet a safe place for all ages to surf. It also has an awards program.
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USA Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.11.21
Chicagology (Closed)

A colorful pictorial of the history of Chicago.
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Sgt Pleiku's Place

Home of the Phantom Catcher pages, Conex Box, and rated Award Program.
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Australia Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.10.29
Weight Loss, Dieting & Obesity

Multidisciplinary educational resource evaluating the pros and the cons of a wide range of diets and other treatment options for obesity. (Exercise, surgery, medications, hypnosis and more.) Includes a blog of recently published weight loss and obesity research.
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South Africa Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.10.26

My main objective was to create a total new corporate identity (logos and trade marks included) for a smallish company that suddenly started expanding with the addition of overseas shareholders, and now needed an internationally presentable image.
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Marsha Long: Soprano

Text, photos, RealAudio, a touch of Flash describe the artistry and generosity of Dr. Marsha Long who sings in 14 languages and plays 16 instruments.
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Through my eyes (Closed)

Website about photography, trips, texts, poems, ideas, and hundred of link vs South East Asia... a window through the artist's eyes...
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Dragon Scale Awards (Closed)

New stand–alone awards site established in 2004. Offers 3 levels of awards: gold, silver, and bronze.
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Germany Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.07.16
Nadinka's World (Closed)

The site consist of three parts. You can find there some picture, warrants of apprehension and funny stories. Furthermore we offer some information about Pekinese (dog) and Waterball (sports)... There are also some selfmade grafics, a kind of library, poetry and an own award program.
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Reunion Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.07.16
The RunWebAwards (Closed)

The only one awards program in the Indian Ocean offers International Awards. Commercial and Personnal sites can be submit, but should be in French or English.
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Seacology is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization with the sole and unique purpose of preserving the environments and cultures of islands throughout the globe. Our site includes a list of our island projects, current and past newsletters, breaking news and links to published articles regarding Seacology, information about the Seacology Prize, information about Seacology trips, and a library of photos from our projects around the world.
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USA Tim’s Merit Spider winner   2004.05.17
Paradigm (Closed)

Paradigm presents free, original information relating to our core competencies, including relationships, parenting, careers, spirituality and more. We offer life coaching and conflict management to all who can make use of these services, regardless of ability to pay.
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Aero–Club Hof e.V.

The site of "Aero–Club Hof" has a lot information from the Club, specials with surftips, weather tips, travelnews and a lot more. Also a manual with airmaps, who are very useful for the pilots who wanted to come here.
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Myst's Ancestrial Home (Closed)

Myst's Ancestrial Home is dedicated to genealogy and includes resources on starting your own family tree.
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