dot The evaluation starts with your application, we will visit your site within 48 hours.
dot If we determine your site has all the requirements to win one of our awards, then you will be emailed with a Status Ref. enclosure.
dot To be in our status list is no warranty for winning one of our Spider Awards.
dot We will review your site within four (4) weeks.

    Evaluation is completed

dot Every applicant, both winners and non–winners, will receive an email with feedback.
dot If your site wins an Award, then the Award will be attached to your email.
dot A link back to Tim's Spider Award is not required.

    Re–application and Upgrade

dot You may re–apply 60 days from the date of your first application, if you have made improvements.
dot You should know the date of your application yourself, applicants that apply before the 60 day limit will not be re–evaluated.

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