Criteria & Scoring

    Purpose 5 Points

dot Does the site have a clear purpose? 5 pts

    Design and Graphics 30 Points

dot The first impression is very important, do you invite me to look further? 5 pts
dot Is your background the same on each page and does it not clash with the text? 5 pts
dot Are the pages coherent in design? 5 pts
dot Are all your images working? 5 pts
dot Are animated images reduced to the utmost minimum? 5 pts
dot Does the site use modern techniques to improve its usability and looks? 5 pts

    Content and Layout 25 points

dot Do you have a privacy statement if you ask for information from your visitors? 5 pts
dot Do 90% of all your internal and external links work? 5 pts
dot Does the music have a visible off-button to shut it down? 5 pts
dot Does your site load in a reasonable time (90 sec.) when using a 56k modem? 5 pts
dot Are your contents interesting and user friendly? 5 pts

    Navigation 25 points

dot Do your internal links function and open in the same frame or window?
    Do external links open in a new window? 6 pts
dot Can I reach every page with the least amount of steps? 10 pts
dot Is there a possibility to get back to the main site on every page? 3 pts
dot Can I navigate through your site without using my back button?
    Are there enough top-buttons? 3 pts
dot Do all images have height, width and alt-tags? 3 pts

    Programming 15 points

dot Are applets used wisely and sparingly? (2 per page is the maximum) 5 pts
dot Does your site work with Internet Explorer 7 or higher? 5 pts
dot When applying, enter the secret spider word "regalis" in the comments box.
dot Do all your HTML coding and Java scripts etc work? 5 pts

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