dot In order to gain an award, all applications should be submitted by the webmaster/mistress or owner of the site.

dot Unfortunately, to apply for a Spider Award, you need to have reached the age of 18.

dot Be sure your site is fit for family viewing and child-safe as the safety of our children is of crucial importance to us.

dot In order for us to be able to read your site, only sites in English, Dutch, Spanish, Korean and Chinese are accepted for review.

dot I'm afraid we must refrain to give awards to sites found containing violence, racism or any form of pornography and / or any sexually explicit material as those things do not belong on a good site.

dot Discrimination against any kind of religion or links to such sites are also items we refrain from evaluating.

dot Copyright Infringement, stolen text or graphics should obviously never happen. Make sure you always have permission for items that are not yours.

dot Be sure your site does not only contain links and banners. For us to award your site, we want something more.

dot Your site has to have more than 5 pages of content. Content is more than links, guestbooks, award pages and forums. Content is defined as all kinds of informative, educational and original material.

dot Under construction messages, or coming-soon signs are items that we do not like to see on a site.

dot The use of flash intros is beautiful, but there must be a skip function.

dot Trailing cursors which interfere with normal mouse function should not be used either.

dot When the right mouse click is disabled, you make it impossible for us to judge your site.

dot Horizontal scrolls on your site are an inconvenience, so you try to ensure this does not happen in a resolution of 1024x768.

dot A good web site is always being updated and worked upon.

dot A visitor should easily find an email address or an email form to correspond with a website representative.

dot Websites that want to win our awards need to have an Awards Won page to proudly display them.

dot Coding and scripts that make our computers crash or freeze, make us impossible to review the site.

dot The secret spider name found in these criteria is an absolute requirement to complete the application.

Are you still with me?

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