Luis E. Vadillo

Official evaluator of Tim's Spider Award Program

Luis E. Vadillo  

Luis E. Vadillo


  Alcazaren Award Program  

My name is Luis E. Vadillo from Spain, born on March 3, 1947. I have worked with several programming languages and operating systems. I'm the owner and webmaster of Villa de Alcazarén website and the Alcazarén Award Program.

The evaluation experience gained while visiting applicant's websites does help this one constantly, changes are frequently done specially in those aspects related with better coding, accessibility and design. Please note that a good evaluator is not necessarily a good web designer, nor the contrary.

Being also an evaluator of an AP rating program has enabled Luis to have a closer contact with other APs, directly and in several forums. No two APs are equal, but all have high ethical standards and a common goal, a better Internet.

Evaluator for  Spanish

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