Text animation – Typewriter with underscore

dot Start a new empty movie.

dot Click on size-button.

Background properties

dot Set Dimensions to 450 px (width) x 80 px (height).

dot Set Background Color to your own color.

Background size and color

Step by step

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dot Select the text tool.

Select the text tool

dot Place a sufficiently large enough word in the middle of the canvas.
   (Arial ptn 42: Tim's Spider Awards)

dot Give the text any color.

dot Afterwards it’s still possible to change the text data in the properties

Text properties

dot Type a word or sentence and count the letters (spaces not included).
    In my example that would be 16 letters. (Tim's Spider Awards)

dot Multiply the amount of letters by 2 and place an amount of keyframes
    equal to that number. (so 10 letters means you have to have 20
    keyframes on the timline).

dot In the first keyframe place the first letter of the word and remove all
    other letters.

dot In the second keyframe you have the first letter and add an
    underscore to it.

Insert keyframe

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dot In the third keyframe you put only the first and the second letter.

dot In the fourth you write the first 2 letters with an underscore added.
    Continue to do so until you reached the final keyframe and have
    the complete word with an underscore attached to it.

dot Test your animation by using Control > Test Movie.

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