Text animation – Fade in and fade out

dot Start a new empty movie.

dot Click on size-button.

Background properties

dot Set Dimensions to 450 px (width) x 80 px (height).

dot Set Background Color to your own color.

Background size and color

Step by step

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dot Select the text tool.

Select the text tool

dot Place a sufficiently large enough word in the middle of the canvas.
   (Arial ptn 42: Tim's Spider Awards)

dot Give the text an orange color.

dot Afterwards it’s still possible to change the text data in the properties

Text properties

dot Now let’s convert it into a graphic object by means of Modify > Convert to
> give name > graphic.

Convert it into a graphic object

dot Right click on frame #20 and insert a keyframe on frame #20,
    do the same for frame #40.

Insert keyframe

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dot Select keyframe #20

dot Select the object and choose color in the properties panel.

Choose color --> alpha

dot Set the color to Alpha (this is the transparency value), When we now click on
    0% our text will no longer be visible.

dot Right click and add Create Motion Tween on frame #1, #20 and frame #40.

Add Create Motion Tween

dot Test your animation by using Control > Test Movie.

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