Actions – own Mouse cursor

dot Below you’ll see the results of your actions.


Step by step

dot Start a new empty movie.

dot Click on size-button.

Background properties

dot Set Size to 300 px (width) x 200 px (height).

dot Set Background Color to your own background color.

dot Start by making a button, this can be a very simple one, like the one
    in a previous tutorial (Button with animation). Name the layer where
    the button is in button.
    I’ve created as example the following button :

dot Now you can create the cursor. In order to do so create first a
    layer named cursor.

dot The cursor can be created as follows :

    - In the menu Insert > New symbol.
    - Choose for Movie Clip and name it cursor.

Create New Symbol

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dot Make the cursor not too big.
    Best can be chosen for one of 40px by 40px in dimensions :


dot When the cursor is ready, it has to receive an instance name.
    This can be done in the properties panel. We name him simply cursor.
    Make sure that the cursor is selected and not the button or anything else.

dot Now the only thing left to do is adding the actions. First we create a new
    layer named actions.
    We open the actions-panel by selecting Window > Actions
    or by simply pressing F9.

    Below you’ll see the panel. On the left are the actions divided in maps.
    On the right the chosen actions will be displayed.
    Above all that the possible options.

Actions panel

dot Select the action hide.mouse by double clicking it.
    The action can be found in : Objects > Movie > Mouse > Methods > hide

dot Now we only have to indicate that something has to replace it,
    otherwise we won’t see a cursor at all!
    Choose Actions > Movie Clip Control > startDrag

    Type at Target : ”_root.cursor” and check the Lock mouse to center box.
    If everything is done correctly, the actions panel will look like displayed above.

dot Now it’s time to replace the mousecursor by your own design. Have fun!

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