Actions – Using textspace as clock

dot Start a new empty movie.

dot Click on size-button.

Background properties

dot Set Size to 200 px (width) x 100 px (height).

dot Set Background Color to your own background color.

Step by step

dot Select the text tool.

Select the text tool

dot Begin by drawing a textspace.

Drawing a textspace

dot In properties, set the following parameters :

Text tool properties

dot The most important parameters you have to adapt are :

    - Sort of text : choose Dynamic Text because the text (time) has to be
      able to change.

    - The variable in the textspace : you can call that time
      (attention: you will use that later in the action where you will make a
      reference to it)

    - As font choose one where all letters (and figures) are of equal size,
      otherwise your time will jump slightly to left or right later on.
      Trebuchet MS is a good example for this, or if you don’t have that
      one, you can also choose Courier New.

dot In the timeline add after keyframe 1 another frame (by clicking on F5)
    so the movies starts running and our time changes.


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dot Add the the first frame the following actions. You do this by selecting
    the first frame and opening the action window by pressing F9.
    Copy the following text :

Actions Frame

datum = new date;
uur = datum.gethours();
minuten = datum.getminutes();
if (minuten<10) {
minuten = "0"+minuten;
seconden = datum.getseconds();
if (seconden<10) {
seconden = "0"+seconden;
time = uur+":"+minuten+":"+seconden;

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dot Explanation : In the first line you create a variable (a piece of memory)
    where the date is set. Then you create a variable called hour, where you
    set the hours in that date. The same goes for minutes and seconds, but
    there you’ll add a 0 if they are smaller than 10 (so the time is always of
    equal length). So in the end you will get a date, composed of hours,
    minutes and seconds, each divided by a double point.

dot If desired you can choose a dark background Ctrl+J and change the
    text-color. You can view the result by pressing Crtl+ENTER.

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