Buttons – Button with animation

dot Start a new empty movie.

dot Click on size-button.

Background properties

dot Set Size to 150 px (width) x 100 px (height).

dot Set Background Color to white.

Step by step

dot We start with menu insert > new symbol, giving it a fitting name (GO)
    and choose as behavior : button.

Create New Symbol

dot We now enter a new environment where we can determine the
    different parts of the button.

Button layer

Top of Page

dot We will now start drawing the different fases of our button.

dot Section up :
    In the section up you will see the button how it will be displayed on
    your page. We can now draw a rectangle and use the rectangle radius
    to round the angles.

Rectangle tool   Rectangle tool options

dot If you click on Rectangle tools options a new dialogue frame will
    where we set the Corner Radius 20 Points.

Set Corner Radius at 20 points

Top of Page

Rectangel properties

dot It is also possible to choose no border.

Choose no border in the right corner

dot Afterwards you choose the color and the wanted text for on the button.

Blue button

dot Section over :
    You then place a keyframe in the section over in the layer.
    Set here the background to a different color.

Green button

dot This is the color that will be shown when the Mouse hovers over
    the button.

dot Section down :
    We place now a keyframe in the section down in het layer and again
    we chose a different backgroundcolor than the ones we have chosen

Red button

dot This is the color you will see when the button is pressed.

dot Section hit :
    Now we place a keyframe in the section hit in the layer. It is not
    required to chose a color as this part will only determine where
    you can click the button.

Top of Page

dot Afterward we select again your first scene in the tab at the layers.
    New in Flash MX is that you can click the back-arrow to return to
    the previous sheet (in our case Scene 1)

Scene 1

dot Now we obviously want to insert the button in our animation.
    For this we open the library by pressing window > library (ctrl+L)
    to the previous sheet. And then we drag our button to the desired


dot Test your animation by using Control > Test Movie.

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