Love Kills

Tony, and his male Acanthoscurria geniculata. It promised to be a fertile evening. We decided to go into action immediately and introduced the male to my female. The female stayed extremely calm and took no notice of her new partner. He however decided to make the first move and drummed calmly with his little feet on the ground.

Against our expectations she responded to his request and drummed calmly along with him. He liked her and began to touch her all over. After half an hour he got her to mate with him. A few moments after mating she decided for her part to use him as dessert or the main meal of the evening. This is how this romance ended into a wedding tragedy. Let us hope that his self-sacrifice was for a good reason.

Click here to see a few pictures of the mating just before the accident. The following photographs are the last ones of Tony his Acanthoscurria geniculata male :

Underneath the female -- W320xH240--  30.5kb

He for his part gets taken by her. The male lies on his back underneath the female.

She bites -- W320xH240--  33.0kb

She bites firmly into her prey.

He cannot offer resistance -- W320xH240--  33.9kb     Top of Page

He cannot offer resistance against the bigger female and gets injected with poison.

The male trashes -- W320xH240--  32.8kb

The male thrashes about for a long time.

It is quiet -- W320xH240--  36.1kb

It seems quiet for a little while.

Back to action -- W320xH240--  34.2kb     Top of Page

But then the female begins to turn around him.

He is defenceless -- W320xH240--  32.8kb

The male is defenceless and he is doomed to die.

She takes him inside -- W320xH240--  31.5kb

After some time she drags the male to her hole.

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