My latest awards won


Connys Gold Award (link opens in new window)

Connys Award Program  2009.06.17

from Conny

Hello Tim,

I am glad to grant my Gold Award to you. You did a realy great job. Your site is wonderful designed and you give so much information about spiders to your visitors.

Especially I love your photos of the spiders. I realy enjoyed my visits.

Thank you Conny for The Connys Gold Award.

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Casey’s Celtic Charm Platinum Award (link opens in new window)

Casey’s Celtic Charm Awards Program  2009.04.22

from Wendy & David

Hello Tim Beylemans,

We have now completed our review of your site submission. We are very pleased to present your site with the Casey’s Celtic Charm Platinum Award, which also qualifies as a WTA at Website Awards.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to review your work. Your effort and dedication shine throughout your pages.
You are most deserving of many accolades, and for making the World Wide Web a much better and nicer place for us all.
Thank you Wendy & David for The Casey’s Celtic Charm Platinum Award.

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