Jigsaw Puzzle  
  1. Select a Picture from the list.
  2. Select "MY OWN URL" option to specify your own Picture URL.
  3. Select "MY LOCAL FILE" option to play the jigsaw puzzle with a file in your machine or network.
  4. The game board has blocks with pieces of the picture in it.
  5. The objective of the game is to order the pictures to form the original picture.
  6. To move any piece to a particular location, drag the piece using the mouse over the piece at that location. The images get swapped.
  7. Press the "Start Game" button. The timer would be started.

Complete the picture in the shortest time possible with a minimum number of moves...


Select a Picture for the Jigsaw Puzzle from the drop down above.

You can now provide Jigsaw Puzzle feature for images on your Web Page too !!
Use one of the following two URL formats:

  1. http://jsgames.sourceforge.net/jusgames.html?url=http://your.picture.url
  2. http://jsgames.sourceforge.net/jigsaw.html?url=http://your.picture.url&rows=5&cols=3
   Click here to play Jigsaw Puzzle with a picture from http://travelpages.tripod.com